Open letter to the legislators of New Jersey:

I write to implore you to understand that passing legislation that legalizes homosexual marriage is not without consequence.

I know that many say it will not affect those who disagree. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  1. If passed you will be pitting the state of NJ against almost half of the people of NJ as to what is moral or immoral. This, just to placate 3% of the citizens.
  2. The homosexual community will not stop here. They want to squash all those who would call their behavior immoral. They will next push for laws such as Canada has, which prosecute (and persecute) those who publicly speak against them. Or, they will demand the public schools teach the goodness and rightness of homosexuality contrary to that fifty percent who disagree, as California now does. They would love to see what Sweden has done on their behalf, not only with even more aggressive education initiatives than California, but by putting a pastor in jail for three weeks for teaching what the Bible (God) says about homosexuality.
  3. You will be pitting the eons old morality taught by parents and grandparents against what the state says is moral. How do we teach respect for the government when it strikes at the very essence of the family’s duty to teach morality to their children by saying those parents and grandparents are immoral in what they teach?
  4. Some justify this as merely a “civil rights” issue as if that means it is not a moral judgment. It is. It is an ethical judgment that determines what a “right” is or not. Our Constitution says our rights are derived from God. Thus it is a moral matter. Do not be bamboozled or mislead by those who assert the contrary. We do not give rights to do those things which are immoral.
  5. As the magistrate, you are, as St. Paul writes, a “minister of God” who is to praise the good and punish that which is evil. Of course, defining what is good and evil is not yours to do but belongs to God alone. You will one day stand before Him to give account.

I hope you seriously consider the consequences of this move to approve and establish what God calls an abomination, as well as the turmoil you will bring to families who believe the contrary.

Respectfully yours,

John C. Hendrickson
Red Bank, NJ

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