david_prown_120I’m a movie reviewer mess who is not even listening to his own advice.

More often than not, I’m heading to films not fully rested; not properly dressed (i.e. not bringing a coat to these often cold theaters); and not properly fed (I get hungry half-way thru).

So today I go to the 10am show of the very interesting sounding suspense, international intrigue movie “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”.

I ate 3 hours before I went – I’m sure to get hungry – do I bring/buy food? – NO.

Weather forecast is for nearly 60 degrees so I assume the theatre will be warm too, so do I bring a coat? – NO. Is the theater cold – YES. It is a 2-hour plus movie and I always nod off the minute the lights go down anywhere – Do I take a nap? – NO, do I have a 5 hour energy drink ? – NO, Do I dose off – YES.

Anyway, this is a heck of a complicated film. Certain characters look alike and the film cuts back and forth between scenes and eras very, very quickly.

a) I strongly recommend you see this film.

b) I strongly recommend you read the synopsis below (I never do this) in advance of the film (unless you already read the book) as it doesn’t ruin the movie at all and will minimize some of the confusing scenes/characters.


This film is going places. Great cast of characters and all beautifully played. I might even see again as I missed so much. Think “Usual Suspects” which is one of my all time favorites.

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