david_prown_120I didn’t have clue what “The Artist” was about but was well prepared with a good nap prior. I asked the manager before the show (know him well and he knows I write a movie blog/column) does the movie has subtitles. Kind of gave me a look surprised that I didn’t know and said it is a silent movie…you can figure out the rest.

I laughed.

This movie had quite a buzz and crossed over to several different audiences. I found it interesting and entertaining, but not making any 10 list for me (except for the score which was awesome and I would nominate the dog for a Best Supporting Actor).

But this is more of a historical picture taking us back in time looking at movies, actors, sets, music and the evolution from silent films to talkies.

Black and white, silent, set in the late 20’s where silent movies are about to die and Talkies take over and dominate. Story of a silent movie superstar who burns and crashes quickly as he’s not willing to cross-over to the talkies. The stock market crash/depression don’t help the issue either.

At the same time, he innocently befriended an up and coming spunky, cute actress. Gives her a few small tips (including the patented beauty mark over the lip) and she talks off like a rocket ship on the wave of the talkies.

She never forgets his efforts giving her her 1st break and stays loyal to him till the end.

I’m sure it will get some production/cinematography etc. nominations but beyond that was just ok/interesting.

Don’t know either of the stars but John Goodman and James Cromwell have nice parts.

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