The Middletown Township Committee keeps stating that the role of the Middletown Human Relations Commission (MHRC) is only “advisory.”  On the contrary, our creating resolution from 1968, formed under state statute N.J.S.A. 10:5-10, actually indicates  that our primary role is “to foster through community effort or otherwise, good will, cooperation and conciliation among the groups and elements of the inhabitants of the community…”  A secondary role is added in the statute, “…and they may be empowered by the local governing bodies to make recommendations to them for the development of policies and procedures…”

On January 28, 2010, the current mayor paid a surprise visit to our MHRC meeting and proceeded to state in a rude way that he was unhappy with  our forty-year old mission statement and would be changing it soon. He did not want us to be proactive. That was two years ago, and he still has not sent a new mission statement.  The MHRC has, therefore, been unable to act under our 40-year-old and still valid mission statement without fear of reprisal from him. In each of our meeting minutes we have reminded the township  committee that they have not produced the promised mission statement.

The mayor’s 2010 visit and manner were upsetting to the three new appointees, prominent businessmen, since we were essentially being scolded as children.   Just lately, at our December 2011 meeting, one member, still hurting, described Flore’s talk as “nasty.”


Carolyn Schwebel
Leonardo, NJ

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