david_prown_120To top off a great Christmas day, I needed to see a movie. So I took two naps and had 3 cups of caffeinated tea to ensure I won’t fall asleep. Alas, I snoozed again.

Anyway, for the 1st hour this intriguing movie really held my interest.

I didn’t know really what this film was about except that there was some sort of struggle/relationship between two of the greatest psycho-analyists ever… Freud and Jung over one of their patients (Keira Knightley).

She has come a long way since “Bend it Like Beckham” and her acting in this film was top shelf. Neat also that she looked far from beautiful in this film so it didn’t detract.

The professional language/conversations in this film, though at a very intellectual level, was somehow not that hard to follow. This 1st hour of the film really had me locked in and the next thing I knew I was snoozing. Only 99 minutes long, my bad.

Was a really good film and at the end was intrigued to learn that all the characters were real and to learn of their history.

The title is the story and I don’t want to give away.

Go see!

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