david_prown_120I was shocked to learn this morning that that were no “new movie” releases locally for this weekend.  Crazy!  See that “Moneyball” and “Ides of March” are back in the theaters (good films).

Well, I still needed to go see something and had a lukewarm gut feeling about “My Week with Marilyn” (Monroe) starring Michelle Williams.

I know nothing about M.M. and I’ve never seen (nor was ever interested) in seeing one of her flicks.  Actually didn’t know much about her at all.

I heard the critics thought this movie was “good, not great”. 

Surprisingly, I really liked it as the film educated on the “Marilyn phenomenon” and all her idiosyncrasies that I presume led to her suicide at a very early age.

Cast well supported by UK acting icons Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh.

Actually based on a true story.  I was not surprised that she became such an entertainment recluse, cameleon, drug addicted, super high maintenance ultra superstar like Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley and no doubt others.

These folks simply had no life, weak support systems, complicated upbringing and these larger than life superstars of the highest international acclaim.

I enjoyed this movie.

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