david_prown_120I don’t think I’ve been to a kids movie in a while, but somehow “Hugo”

intrigued me. The

preview was interesting critics loved the film (though movie goers not as much.

I really wanted to see it on a regular screen, but the showing times were rare and inconvenient. Hence, had to go to the 3-D version which costs $4 more and for this type of movie, not necessary (like it was for say Avatar).

The theatre was near empty (great), but the running time was over 2 hours which surprised me (and a) didn’t take a nap and b) didn’t take a 5 hour energy drink).

Once in the theatre, I realized it had been a long time since I’ve also seen a movie at night and felt a nap coming on – bummer (it happened).

Movie, though interesting and clever, just didn’t enchant me. I was excited that it was a Martin Scorsese film. Plus a good cast including Ben Kingsley and others.

It simply didn’t take me away to “magical movie land”. Talk to others, just don’t go by my review. I was a bit tired.

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