david_prown_120I was very much looking forward to seeing the movie “Like Crazy” which I thought was following the story line of a foreign student (England) comes to US to study; falls in love, goes home and can’t come back due to a visa issue.

My grade school pal John from CT experienced this when his lady friend Margaret

(Irish) went home to visit and had visa issues back in the mid 80’s.

They are happily married today with 3 kids and I’m sure the separation was quite stressful but had a happy ending (and I think whole issue was resolved in 6 months). Was thrilling for me and my wife and all friends to go to Ireland for the wedding and treated like kings.

This story goes in a different direction as both these young professionals end up having pretty serious relationships with others when they are separate. By not having a “patience”

(a theme in the movie), they let love/hormones trump patience and it gets them in trouble.

Movie also ends weird. I was disappointed.

I guess I just wanted a clean, pure story and I’m just a Disney boy at heart.

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