Over a decade ago, unwanted telemarketing calls plagued New Jersey.  We remember sitting at home when a telemarketer would interrupt our family dinner.  AARP fought for, and won, the adoption of the Do Not Call list, which became federal law. It eliminated the vast majority of those frustrating calls.  At that time, New Jersey had the strongest state law in the nation to stop unwanted telemarketing sales calls.

Unfortunately, telemarketing could make a comeback in the Garden State.  AARP actively opposes a proposed regulation and waivers for the Division of Consumer Affairs that would significantly weaken the enforcement of this cherished consumer protection law—and many others so many take for granted.  The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs fines telemarketers if they call a household on the Do Not Call list.  The new rules and waivers will turn regulators into paper tigers and invite abuse of the law. 

If the regulation passes, the DCA can arbitrarily decide not to fine telemarketers for breaking the law, potentially giving telemarketers free reign once again.  The work AARP did to pass the Do Not Call list could be for nothing.  Phones will start ringing again with those unwanted interruptions.

So instead, call the Consumer Affairs at 973-504-6200 and tell them not to adopt proposed regulation N.J.A.C. 13:45C-2 and 3.

Douglas Johnston

AARP NJ Governmental Affairs Manager

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