david_prown_120Had to get a little medical thing done today and they said I couldn’t drive. No problem.

I got done by 9, was home for a while and then walked downtown to the RB Arts Cinema (best place ever!) to see “Martha Marcy May Marlene”.

Didn’t know a thing about it or an actor in it. Wow, great stuff. Film shows a 30 something girl who no doubt has a tough childhood and at some point stumbles upon a commune led by a real alpha male brainwasher. Since she had no real family, she drank their Kool-Aid quick and became of them.

Early on in the film, she leaves the commune and the movie proceeds with mini stories going back and forth between her time in the commune and her time post commune with her older, settled, well to do sister and husband (who she wasn’t that close to growing up).

The complexity

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of their relationship and their efforts to build one is most interesting to follow. Both of their eyes tell so much about their feelings.

The flashbacks work real well and aren’t confusing. The “tension”

throughout is perfect.

The lead “Martha” , played by Elizabeth Olsen, fabulously portrays a conflicted, paranoid, socially weak, women and the angst and caring of her older sister (Sarah

Paulson) trying

to figure out her sister (without asking many questions) is a great character study.

I REALLY enjoyed this film.

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