david_prown_120Yeah, I found a good movie to see but I had to go all the way to East Brunswick to see it.

I really wanted to see the movie “The Mighty Macs” which is essentially the true story of Immaculata College (central PA), an all girls school under 500 students.

Focuses on

the drive of new coach Cathy Rush, fabulously played by Carla Gugino, to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 3 years in a row, in her 1st 3 years every coaching!!! That is utterly crazy.

She only coached for 6 years and went to the championship 5 times. In addition, 3 of her players became All Time great coaches themselves.

Yes this is Disney like BUT TRUE. Loved every moment of it because of Rush’s “piss and vinegar” attitude, drive, focus, passion etc. etc. Her somewhat foil, the head sister of the school played wonderfully by Ellen Burstyn, becomes her biggest supporter.

It is just so much fun and a great story for young women. Unfortunately it was a box office bomb hence why I had to drive so far.

Look for it on DVD – just really a great, true story. Can’t make this stuff up.

Only downside to driving so far as I got their late and didn’t have time to “relieve”

myself hence I was in pain throughout the film holding it…but it was worth it. 🙂

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