I finally see why so many folks are undeclared voters. They understand that politics is all the same with the same people and same results. The politricksters come out with their fancy suits and smiles promising us relief so we can raise our families, and instead we get higher taxes, more misery and more government in our face.

Over the last 10 years my taxes have gone up 100% (double) not the 70%.. People are tired of fixing up their homes and having towns increase their taxes. This is robbery. If your house value plummeted $20,000 (and that is conservative), and you remodel a bathroom the town ignores the plummeted value and raises your taxes. They say the increase in taxes they get by you offsets taxes for others and next year, but show me that in a budget instead of just stealing an automatic pay increase.

Also being a business owner and having many friends that own business, the Corzine and McGreevy administration increase burdens on the small business with increase fees, continue education (yes we plumbers and pesticide folks need to go to college yearly)  and license requirements. Now that Christie is in office, why aren’t those crazy laws being repealed?

So when a slick politrickster comes to you house looking for a vote, tell them how sick you are. I am sure you have enough stories as well. Why even bother to vote when all you have is two choices handpicked by political machines that support their own agendas. Same old same old.

Gene Tanala

Howell, NJ

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