Do people really have a say and are voters really able to influence politics? I say no.

Why? Well first off who controls  who runs for office? Whether it’s an R or D, it is quite clear that over the years we have gotten RINOS from republicans, and liberal extremist acting as moderates from the democrats. On top of that they don’t even understand the Constitution which means they don’t understand our rights. I have yet to see a candidate that is for the people of the people and now I understand why my taxes constantly go up while government has their noise in all my affairs.

I  look at disgust as politicians find ways to get money out of our pockets and have no idea or don’t care about their oath of office to citizens. I am sick of working for the government paying for high salaries of local officials that don’t even show up to work. Finally I am sick of tired of the BRSA and other quasi forms of government that politicians use as a shield to violate my town’s home rule.  So when and how does our vote count. Well if you are part of the machine and you get a good republican or democrat in that is great but I haven’t seen that happen in years. This is the time for people to realize the political machines don’t represent the average voter and they have too many favors to repay within their own party. This year I am voting independents all the way and people need to realize it’s the smart thing to do because you can’t break the political cronies back unless they become the third party.


Frank Cottone 
Keansburg NJ

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