Looking at the local Democrat’s campaign propaganda spewed forth by their candidates, it became clearly apparent who the local Democrats really are-nothing more than the local branch of the Obama team.

A look at their rhetoric makes this abundantly clear.  Weep and wail about the plight of the taxpayer-but offer only vague, ambiguous platitudes-never statistics or specific ideas.  Kowtow to wealthy, powerful special interests like affluent labor unions, developers and out of town contributors like large Hudson County book distributors while claming to be the voice of the little guy.  Talk about two-faced! 

The very same Democrats who weep crocodile tears about the plight of the taxpayer, and, in the very same breath, decry Republicans for reducing budgets and meeting the State spending cap-those same Spend-o-Crats now call for more and more government spending!  Absolutely no difference from the antics of the Obamacrats in Washington!

But the real clincher is this-in a recent letter, one of the Democratic candidates really outs herself with the use of the word “change” and rhetoric that is taken directly from the Obama playbook.

It’s clear who the Middletown Democratic candidates really are-nothing more than the local branch of the Obama Team!

It’s bad enough in Washington and it’s the last thing we need in Middletown!

Richard C. Winters
Lincroft, NJ  

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