It has come to light that the NPS admission fees to Gateway National Recreation Area penalize Sandy Hook’s beach going patrons.  You see, the NPS admission fees for the New York beaches of Gateway National Recreation Area are significantly lower, much less, than what Sandy Hook beach patrons must pay.  This disturbing anomaly was discovered when I investigated the National Park Service’s proposal to double the present admission fees for Sandy Hook from $10 to $20 per vehicle.

Presently Gateway National Recreation Area beaches of Reis Beach in Jamaica Bay 0nly pay $5 per vehicle!  And the proposed increase will raise the admission fee for Reis Beach to $10, which is the present fee for admission to Sandy Hook!!  As for the Staten Island beaches of GNRA they have no admission fees!!

How and why is this disparity of admission fees, for the same national park, allowed to exist?  Why are Sandy Hook patrons paying more than Reis Beach patrons?

I have an uneasy, queasy feeling that the revenues of Sandy Hook represent the lion’s share of Gateway National Recreation Area’s total revenues, and pay for the operation of the NY beaches, of GNRA.  GNRA’s “books” need to be made available to the public and examined to find out the truth about park revenue and its application, area unit by area unit.

Apparently, the NPS likes it this way, and wants more money from Sandy Hook beach patrons.  Please contact your elected federal representatives and tell them to stop this increase from going through, especially during these hard economic times.

Peter P. O’Such, Jr.

Fair Haven, NJ 

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