In a recent letter to the Herald, Greg Vasil concludes that the robocalls from the Concerned Citizens of Middletown are actually from the Middletown Democratic Party.  But I checked with the leaders of the party and they said that they had no idea who these people are.  Furthermore, the Middletown Democrats have always been up front with their issues and have never hid behind any other organization.

As far as “false accusations” are concerned, I went back and listened again, to some of these calls but could not find anything untrue with their statements.

As far as the “Town Center” controversy was concerned, I remember that it was mostly a Republican vs. Republican issue.  It was a Republican idea, proposed to the late Joe Azzolina, and then, after he had spent over a $million in planning, they realized it was not being received favorably and they reversed their position.  The Democrats, watching this from the sidelines, decided to stay out of it.

Is it not possible, therefore, that these new “Concerned Citizens” are some of the same group, who have now found new issues?  It is time for these Concerned Citizens, if they want to be taken seriously, to come out of the shadows and identify themselves.

William C. Stevenson

Red Bank, NJ 

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