Dear Editors of the Atlantic Highlands Herald,

I am writing this in reply to the recent article of the Mapleshade location being rejected for medical marijuana in NJ. This Mapleshade-mistake is just another example of Gov. Christie Failed effort of leadership to help the seriously ill residents of NJ with more to surely follow. If every location in NJ rejects the Medical Marijuana Law, then what does that say about law in general. Only a former US Prosecutor would know that once he found his perfect answer with the failure proposed earlier for Rutgers to control medical marijuana. He can now use this same excuse in every township that applies to control medical marijuana in NJ.

As an MS Patient of 15 years, I am forced to stick with risking my life on the streets obtaining the only relief to treat my disease. Until your loved one is in so much pain that it causes pain to the entire family, one could never understand how important medical marijuana is for the seriously ill.

At this rate of failure, I can only expect to finally receive  medical marijuana long after the next Governor takes Gov Christies place. Hopefully it will be a Mom? She’ll have my vote. Only a mother can understand how painful it is when your loved one lives in neuropathic pain an spasms..

The only way this will ever get off the ground is the way it started in many other states with collective groups of patients and 1-2 caregivers growing marijuana for them. That may take more time for humanity to fully digest the science of medical marijuana CBD therapy for MS patients which has always been a proven treatment for MS. Even the MS Society now recognizes that medical marijuana can slow or even prevent future neuronal damage to the bodies central nervous system.

Why would an MS patient use any other therapy?



Charles Kwiatkowski

Hazlet, NJ

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