My name is Greg Vasil and I was the last President of Concerned Citizens of Middletown.  We were a home town group of Middletown citizens formed to stop the development of the “Town Center” along Route 35 in Middletown.  Since that victory we have been silent and believe that our efforts saved Middletown from a disastrous situation. 

However it seems that there are people in our town that want to discredit our organization and our elected Township Committee with false accusations.  This is the second election cycle where there have been computer dialed robocalls placed to voters of Middletown saying the Concerned Citizens of Middletown are against our current elected representatives.  This has not been sponsored by us nor do we support this position. 

I have been threatened with legal action by irate citizens to stop these calls, but I know we have never supported this kind of practice.  Who then, is making these calls?   There seems to be only one organization that would stoop to this low level for political gain and I can only guess that it is the Middletown Democratic party who is challenging the current administration.  Their supporters spout campaign rhetoric, yet hide behind the name of an undisclosed shadow organization falsely using our good name to further their political goals.  Doesn’t sound like the type of people I want representing me.  I would only hope that the county prosecutor investigates this group before they further damage the fine name of the real Concerned Citizens of Middletown.

Greg Vasil

President, Concerned Citizens of Middletown

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