Letter to the editor,

It is rather stunning to see President Obama and many members of the Democratic Party attempt to spin yet another yarn about how they are the party of compromise and we the Republicans are the party of “No”. Is anyone buying this? These are the same people that jammed a nearly 800 billion dollar spending bill and the ever unpopular Obama  healthcare reform bill through the House and Senate without debate, discussion of alternative ideas or even reading of said bills. They did this against the will of most Americans by basically saying” No” to the thoughts and concerns of so many Americans that turned out in droves to town hall meetings and Washington itself. These regular everyday folk came out to voice their opposition to how the Obama administration and Democratic controlled Congress were behaving with regards to pushing through massive spending entitlements and driving up our debt in a time of economic downturn.

Further on with regards to the Debt ceiling crisis the President offered no plan of his own. Instead he chose to grandstand at every opportunity using the ever supportive mainstream media to voice his demands to raise the debt ceiling without discussing cuts in spending. Meanwhile the Democratic controlled Senate led by Senator Harry Reid refused to look at several plans offered by the Republican controlled House. Each plan offered by the Republicans was tabled by Harry Reid. In effect this action was another resounding “No” to the American people.

Now President Obama comes out with his “Jobs Bill” and demands that Congress just pass the whole bill right away without any discussion or consideration as to whether or not we can afford it and if it will be effective. The Republican House led by Speaker John Boehner responded by saying some parts of this bill are worth looking at more closely and should be discussed between all parties concerned. Of course that isn’t good enough for this President and Senator Reid so the President goes on a campaign stump (that’s what it really amounts to) and starts to label the Republican Party as the Party of “No” when in reality it is President Obama and many members of the Democratic Party who have a documented history of saying “No” to any and all debate. The audacity of these people is just mind boggling!

So far this President has given us an enormous spending bill that did little if nothing in the way of affecting positive results in our economy to say the least. The Democratic Party leaders in the House and Senate didn’t bother to read it before passing it so it is little wonder that we didn’t get much bang for our buck. Then we have Obamacare which again they passed without reading it. Now two years later the more we learn about what is in it the more we realize it is not going to be effective in a positive or productive way (Hence the need for so many trying to obtain an waiver exempting them from it.) and a good part of it is probably unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will hopefully bring an end to that debacle. Perhaps at that point we can finally sit down together and discuss the many alternative ideas that could affect real positive change in our health care system and our economy too. Before we can do that we will need true leadership. It is obvious to all by now that we are not getting leadership from our current President. We are however getting campaign slogans and ideological hype. We’re also getting deeper in debt and farther away from our founding principles.

Election Day in November of 2012 we have an opportunity to offer a resounding “No” of our own to this President and his policies. We did it in 2010 and we can do it again.  This time perhaps we can affect some real hope for a change.

Michael F. Burke Sr.
Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

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