Dear Editor:

The response of the local fishing captain to my editorial “Bait ‘OR’ Switch” completely missed the boat.    The issue, which the captain missed, was simply:  Why did Atlantic Highlands restrict the use of their facility to”bait” shop, and did not consider another or best use of that property.

Contrary to his thinking, the borough does pay for the facility.  Our taxes, not the harbor, fund the borough.  The harbor is an incredible one of a kind resource. However, the harbor generated only a million dollars – which hasn’t changed in fifty years when measured in constant dollars.    The harbor should do much better to reduce the ever increasing harbor debt on which the borough must pay interest, and to realize its potential in contributions to reduce the borough taxes on its residents.

Lastly, I agree that lifetime residents are important to the town, but on his point that a “new member” of the community who has a strong opinion is “a laugh”, I most strongly disagree.  Change is understandably hard for people who have spent their lives in the same town, but we need to look at all things (including vacant storefronts) as opportunities to transform our town like so many other shore towns are doing today.  I have, through 40 years of military and work experience, lived throughout the country.  I have been involved in politics in the last three New Jersey towns in which I have lived.  However, I will probably live the rest of my life in Atlantic Highlands, and I simply want to offer our town the best ideas that I have gained from my varied experience. 

Paul Cavise

Democratic Candidate for MAYOR

Atlantic Highlands

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