david_prown_120I really wanted to see Moneyball so I made sure I had 2 cups of coffee and a 5 hour energy so I won’t sleep for a second.

Went to see this flick on opening day (pun intended) and it was a home run (pun intended).

What is not to love about this baseball movie that was based on a true story that barely made a ripple nationally except to baseball purists.

Writers note – the theatre was filmed with single men who know doubt that baseball has played an important role in their life.

This was a great, great movie. Brad Pitt, who often sounded and looked like an early Robert Redford. He a played the role of Billy Beane who was a “can’t miss”

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baseball player growing up that crashed the minute he he reached the bigs. Then he became this General Manager of the lowly Oakland Athletics who is a visionary business man. He totally revamps the business model of building a baseball team based on the economic realities of his teams budget.

He thinks way out of the box by having is ears and eyes wide open and discovers a nerdy, brilliant, baseball junkie/numbers man at a competitors team and realizes his fresh insight is the ticket to transforming the A’s. Jonah Hill just kills this role.

That boy beautiful turns to geek boy is a great story of underdogs and together they to slay the giant (big market teams like the Yankees and Red Sox) in a new, technology driven methodology.

This movie has all the earmarks of a big box office hit that crosses over to non-sports fans. You just need to love the underdog, love unlikely relationships and hey, its america’s pastime (or at least it was).

Pretty neat that Philip Seymour Hoffman is in this film but really he has been given a pretty weak role as Manager Art Howe.

This movie put the smile on your face in so many ways. Run to see this movie …it is most special.

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