david_prown_120Seven days without power sure is a game changer especially when we are so used to being electronically connected to the world.

Plugged in again and nice to go to the movies.  Went to see “The Debt”.

Now I’ve always had a theory that “most” 2 word movie titles, The _________ are usually pretty bad.

However, my last three (just this month) “The Help”, “The Guard”, and now “The Debt” pretty much squashed my theory.

Anything with Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson has to be good and so was this sort of spy/espionage film that created and held “tension” throughout the film. There was always something “right there, right on the edge” almost lurking that kept your eyes rivoted on the screen.


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The angst of duty, love, loyalty, honesty, honor, country interspersed this movie that goes back and forth over 30 years. It was real easy to follow the back and forth and worked very well. Sort of a darkly filmed movie (reminded me of my favorite “Usual Suspects”) and the musical score kept adding to the tension.

No big special effects tricks or action scenes. Simply we followed the main characters, all Mossad agents, and their life long quest to find an infamous butcher of the Jews.

Well done movie, very well done.

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