Dear Governor Christie,


First and foremost, it should be duly noted that the web site link to contact NJ State Governor Christie does not sufficiently address and present topics that the Governor’s statewide constituents are concerned with. The topics that are not included I could list and would be happy to at a future time to help you improve the web site to better serve the public’s ability to connect with the Governor and express their concerns.


Dear Governor Christie,

Since the subject of this communication, legislation, is not listed as a topic included in the Governor’s online contact site, I have had to resort to the listed topic, Health & Senior Citizens to submit my objections, protests and opposition to the bills referenced above.

I am a taxpayer, voter and life long resident of NJ. As such, it is anticipated that the Governor’s Office will respond to this communication and VETO Senate Bill 2923, Assembly Bill 4036 for the following but not limited to reasons.

* It is well established that pet owners contribute a great deal to NJ’s economy. Pet owners spend and are taxed on retail establishments, supplies, grooming, boarding and veterinary care. Related pet services are well documented to provide jobs and enhance state revenues.

* Pet owners deserve the same considerations and protections that all taxpayers and voters are given as consumers.

* To amend the previously enabling rules and regulations in order to allow discretionary euthanasia of an animal in under the previously adopted seven day holding period is a slap in the face to every taxpayer, voter and consumer in NJ.

* To approve Senate Bill 2923 and Assembly Bill 4036 flies in the face of the Fairness Doctrine.

* There are no savings to the NJ taxpayer when at no cost to the taxpayer there are statewide rescue groups ready willing and able to foster and rescue animals from impoundment after the current seven day hold time. The seven day hold time for an animal is at best a reasonable time for an owner to find a lost, stolen and or stray animal. Anything less than the seven day hold time as proposed is arbitrary, capricious and places a pet owner in financial and personal hardship.

I expect the Governor of our state to VETO the above referenced bills, to amend the bills to provide for equitable treatment of pet owners, their animals and to recognize that all the related services for the pet industry add to the state’s economy.

I also question the legality of these bills as a litigious society could very well interpret the taking and destruction of their animals as property confiscated without compensation.

It is hereby further requested that the Governor in response to this communication provide and forward the names of all elected officials that amended legislation to endorse the reduction of the seven day hold time for an impounded pet. Former language in the pending bills started out as a perceived asset to society. Unknown legislators have now tweaked wording to distort these bills in more ways than one, resulting in inevitable previously avoidable death sentences. These elected officials deserve to know why pet owners will not be voting to re-elect them.

In conclusion for all the reasons cited above, I protest, oppose and object to Governor Christie signing the Senate Bill 2923 and Assembly Bill 4036.

Respectfully submitted for your review and an anticipated response,


Carole Balmer 
Holmdel, NJ

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