david_prown_120The whole notion that a round up and subsequent extermination of Jews in Europe in 1942 extended beyond the wrath of the Germans…to the French was a huge punch in the stomach to me and most of the audience.

The utter horror on the faces of the children and Mom’s (Dads seemed pretty stoic) during the scenes of round up, capture, in the holding location of the airless, bathroomless, hopelessness velodrome were riveting and unforgettable.

The story follows the tortured life of 8 year old Sarah who is mature beyond her years trying to protect her younger brother, find him, and then grow up and raise a family while living with a tortured and guilt feeling of the past. She was a hero and a survivor but could not get past her pain.

Interspersed in the film is following the efforts of American born journalist Kristen Scott Thomas who stumbles upon the history of her new apartment and its ties to Sarah. Then we follow her pangs and quest to find this young lady, her family and to uncover her story.

I don’t know if this is a true story but it is totally engaging and unforgettable film

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