If one never believed in the saying, “Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today” I would say think that over again.  I can tell you that no saying could be more true.

For some time I had been wanting to adopt a stray cat from nearby Keansburg. I believe that some people had left her behind when they moved.  I had even named her Daisy.   My sister and I would go to the house where she would come by and leave food and water, we even had a cage setup to trap her.  One day when we went there, Daisy just showed up.  She was friendly, warm, loving and beautiful. We decided that we did not even need the trap. We continued to come by so I could bond with her before taking her, and also arrange a room for her in my house so she would be happy and comfortable.  I have other animals and I did not want her to be afraid.  My sister at one point put her in a cat carrier and had her in the car.  My sister called me and asked if she should she bring her over to my house.  Foolishly I said the room wasn’t ready yet.  We continued to go and feed her for another several days, and I was finally going to take her home on July 28 because on July 27 we were going down to Washington, D.C. for an event.  On July 28 when we went to the house she wasn’t there, and this continued with not seeing her there for several days. I knew something was wrong, and I was right. I found out on August 5 that she had been killed.  I was and still am devastated.  I had the opportunity for my sister to bring her to me that day in the cat carrier and other days following.  I thought it had to be the “perfect time” and the “perfect room arrangement” and I lost everything.  I denied her the right to a good and happy life at my home called “Summertime.”

The moral of my letter is “Never let what you want  go when you have it.” Nothing is perfect.  Just take it.  This has changed me.  I know I will see Daisy again someday, but until then I will just keep  this beautiful flower in a special place in my heart. 


Holly Bianchi




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