Dear Sir,

Your newspaper recently covered the “Belmar 5” race held on July 9th. My brother in law Kevin Milone, his wife, my daughter, and two nephews ran in the race. It was an event that had been planned for quite some time and those who agreed to go looked forward to the race and the day down the shore that was planned after the race ended. Unfortunately Kevin did not complete the race. He is pictured on the left hand side of the attached picture wearing the “Night of Champions” T shirt. The picture was taken just before the race started. He was not able to finish the race because, quite tragically, he died of an apparent heart attack while running/jogging as the race continued.


He left behind his two daughters, ages 21 and 16, his son, age 19 as well as his wife, mother, sister and many friends and family.

He was 53 years old.

At his wake and funeral held over the last two days in his home town of Butler, New Jersey, I estimate over 450 people paid their last respects to him. He will be missed by all who came and many more who could not make it. I think it is quite a life time achievement to gain the love and admiration of so many people and I would have to write a long time to describe all he did in his life to gain the respect of so many neighbors, friends and co workers.

In writing you, it is not my purpose to take away from the 35th running of this race, which was to celebrate the life of Johnny Cobb. Nor would I want to take anything away from the many others who had an enjoyable time that day. I just thought that your paper might have tried to find some space in the coverage of the race or possibly somewhere else in the paper for my brother in law’s story so that he too might be remembered and especially to also give credit and praise to those who tried to save his life and give comfort to him as he died.

I also do not think his death should have gone unreported as it is important to let others know that even if participants in a race such as the Belmar 5 think that they are well enough to run, they must be careful. Without taking such care, any activity can have very tragic consequences.

We who knew Kevin will always remember and cherish his memory and the enjoyment he always brought us.

Thank you,

Garry Hartwig

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