david_prown_120Broke a cardinal rule yesterday and went to see a movie that has been out for a few weeks “Super 8”.

Plus I’m not a “scary” movie fan and was afraid (no pun intended) that this would be a scary one.

Undaunted and with no other time slot to see a flick, I headed off to the Mall.

First, I was surprised how decently attended the movie was (and it wasn’t even raining outside).

Later learned on Moviefone.com that this movie had a very high rating from both theatre goers and critics alike (not very common).

Also didn’t know that Mr. Spielberg was involved in the movie but it clearly had a “modernized” E.T.

feel to it.

Anyway, this film was largely dominated by an all teen cast and it really worked!! Entertaining, action, engaging cast, little scary, minimal blood/gore, some romance etc.

All good

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