anne_mikolay_120New Jersey 101.5 (Not New York! Not Philadelphia! Proud to be New Jersey!) has been my radio station of choice for years. In the early morning, Jim Gearhart keeps me updated on what’s going on in our state. As I am driving around mid-day, Dennis and Judi keep me company. And while I am on the road from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm daily, The Jersey Guys make me laugh.

While I was out of state last week, my son sent me an urgent text message: “101.5 canceled The Jersey Guys!” I couldn’t believe it! 101.5, are you kidding me? How could you cancel the funniest guys you have in your program line-up? It seems station management did not renew the contracts of Ray Rossi and Casey Bartholomew, aka The Jersey Guys, and replaced the duo with Deminski and Doyle. Deminksi and Doyle? Didn’t I listen to them back in the 90s? In my humble opinion, the fact that I remember their names and not much else about them doesn’t bode well for the new program. No offense to Deminski and Doyle, but isn’t replacing a popular team with radio personalities from the 90s taking the station backward rather than forward? And hold on just a minute! 101.5 didn’t even have the consideration to alert its loyal listeners to the impending departure of The Jersey Guys, didn’t even give the guys a chance to say goodbye. It simply pulled the rug out from under Ray and Casey and all the rest of us, too.

Why did 101.5 cancel The Jersey Guys? Was is it because they were guilty of “Oprah bashing?” Was it because the teachers’ union doesn’t appreciate The Jersey Guys’ lack of empathy for the union’s current position? Was it because The Jersey Guys support Governor Chris Christie? Was it because Casey flat out tells it like it is? I have no idea why The Jersey Guys got the boot (because the station has not offered explanation), and I sincerely hope another radio station has the brains to pick up The Jersey Guys.

Thanks, Ray and Casey, for your wit and your entertaining program through the years. You made me laugh out loud too many times to count. I will miss The Jersey Guys…Kermit’s voice…time to opine…good times, good times!

If you are going to miss The Jersey Guys, too, please go to the “Bring Back The Jersey Guys to 101.5” facebook page and let your voice be heard, or email the 101.5 program director, Eric Johnson at [email protected]

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Come on, 101.5, give us back our Jersey Guys! Without them, your station may be “proud to be New Jersey,” but it will be nothing special.

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