david_prown_120Although I had seen the previews for “Midnight at Paris”, it didn’t totally captivate me as a “must see” movie.

Opening day came and went and I just never got there to see it and wasn’t overly compelled to see it.

Then I saw Joan Ellis’s review who loved it and the word of mouth was really getting strong.

Yesterday, rained out of tennis, trucked over to Clearview Red Bank to see it.

This theatre surely knew they had a winner in the movie since they only have 2 screens and they were showing the movie on both.

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Movie was packed so the word of mouth must be very good. I took a short nap (but not enough) and had to sit in the 1st row (which isn’t so much fun).

Much better than expected movie and has a great twist/angle which makes the movie (along with the wonderful soundtrack).

Written by Woody Allen, star Owen Wilson (normally not a fav of mine) does a number of perfect Woody Allen riffs right out of his 1960’s and 70’s classic movies.

Good stuff and wish I was more awake.

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