It was reported locally that the National Park Service’s Peter McCarthy, Sandy Hook Unit Manager stated to those attending the NPS sponsored tour of Fort Hancock buildings that the first building to next be rehabilitated would be the Officers’ Club, which may be the worst deteriorated of the fort buildings!

What needs to be disclosed by the NPS is the following:  What entity is to do the work?  How is this to be accomplished?  What is the estimated cost? Where and how will the money/funding be obtained?  What are the terms/conditions and arrangements that the NPS foresees to be in place before the work is begun?  When will these questions be answered?

Despite much publicized NPS meetings whose purported purpose was to obtain the public’s input, the NPS has remained “tight lipped” about future fort plans.

The public demands total transparency.  Sandy Hook belongs to the people, not the NPS who are merely its stewards. Before any major plans affecting Sandy Hook are adopted for implementation by the NPS, such plans must be made known to the public for its review, scrutiny and comment.

Given the NPS/Wassel/Sandy Hook Partners procurement fiasco which dragged on for over ten years which only added to the prior 30 years of “demolition by neglect” perpetrated by the NPS to the Ft. Hancock buildings, I am fearful, and so should be the public, that the NPS is about to embark on yet another improper, illegal arrangement.

The public looks forward to being informed by the NPS of the answers to the foregoing questions.

Peter P. O’Such, Jr.
Fair Haven, NJ

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