david_prown_120About a week ago, went to see the foreign film “Incendies” showing in Red Bank which was an Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Film.

I had seen the previews and sort of look like an important film to see.

It was but was “darn complicated”. Lots of things were unexplained (which I’m sure was intentional).

It is set in a couple of different Middle Eastern countries, but you are never told which. Characters (specifically the mother and daughte)r look alike and so did the settings of the flashbacks. So I got extra confused.

Premise of the film is the that a brother and sister (twins) are instructed by their mom’s executor to search out for their Father and Brother.

Multiple languages, all subtititled, was a good film. But you really need to be on your “A game” meaning wide awake and understand their will be plenty of open ended bits of information that are designed that way in this “hard” movie.

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