david_prown_120It has been a full 14 days since I’ve been to the movies and was in total withdrawl.

Drank 2 – Five hour energy drinks as there was no time during before the movie and just didn’t feel like sleeping during one today.

Undecided between “Jumping the Broom” or “The Beaver” but went with the later as it has just come out (and I wasn’t influenced by any outside sources).

Previews looked a bit weird and the movie started off the same. Mel Gibson is a despondent & depressed, husband, father (whose boys follow dad’s path), & CEO (of his dad’s toy company). Wife, a much younger looking Jodie Foster, has him move out of the home and his life falls apart even more until he spies in a dumpster a “Beaver Hand puppet” which totally transforms his life.

With The Beaver on his hand and a traditional British accent, Gibson finds, speaking thru the puppet, a new, uplifting personality which allows him to totally reconnect with family, work etc.

Actually kind of put a smile on ones face and another movie showcasing “Dads” in a positive light. But the Beaver gets quickly tiring to the Foster and things start to unravel. There is a very interesting, complicated side story with his son and the “prettiest girl in girl” (who has her own demons).

2nd half of film is pretty sad, slower (though ends positively).

Well I didn’t sleep once and I must say I enjoyed it pretty good. Great to be back at the movies again.

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