david_prown_120“Win-Win”, “The Conspiracy”, “In a Better World” and now “Water For Elephants” – outrageous!! Four (4) Home run movies in a row…all in the cinemas at the same time – crazy good! Then throw in decents “Jane Eyre and Soul Surfer” and I still haven’t seen Madea. Happy days are here again.

I knew absolutely nothing about “Water for Elephants”; the previews looked nothing special and I’m not a huge Reese Witherspoon fan.  

The “only thing” I knew about this a book got huge play on one of Oprah’s early (like 5 years ago) book of the month selection.

The movie is just so well done and so well cast. Who the heck is Robert Pattinson? We are talking a serious heart throb who can really act. Totally dominates the screen and is the hero on to the animals and people alike.

Who the heck is Christoph Waltz? What a killer good role he plays as the sadistic yet charming husband and circus owner. You just hate him yet enjoy watching him on screen because you know when he’s nice (bad is around the corner) and visa versa.

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I even came to really like Reese Witherspoon in this role and she played it masterfully.

I haven’t heard a round of applause like this at the end of a movie in a long time.

Good bit of physical violence and animal cruelty.

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