david_prown_120“The Conspirator” is a “darn good movie”. Terrifically made, wonderfully cast and scripted with perfect accelerating tension. And the sound track to support the film i stop shelf.

This movie is based on the true story of the trial of Mary Surrat who was the only female co-conspirator tried in the Abraham Lincoln assassination trial.

Played by

top shelf actress Robin Wright, she is tremendously loyal to her family and her faith right to the end.

This based on a true story sure leaves room for interpretation but clearly shows that the military/government trial was predestined in its outcome before the judge 1st banged his gavel. And subsequently changed the nature of future trials.


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Just most interesting film great performances from Danny Huston, Kevin Kline, & Tom Wilkinson.

Simply most interesting in that we all know about the Lincoln’s Murder and John Wilkes Booth dying in a barn by fire/gun shots. It is the story of the rest of the conspirators that is most interesting because even us fans of history had no clues of this “part of the story”.

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