david_prown_120When I saw the previews for “Win-Win”, I knew it would be great as it embraced themes that work and engage me.

Low level sports, achievement, youth, some home discord, comedy, under dogs and spirit.

Paul Giamatti plays a frumpy, unaggressive, small town lawyer in New Providence, NJ who is struggling to keep is business afloat while hiding the fact from his family.

Enter a client (Rocky’s brother in law) and his grandson (the very talented wrestler from a disjointed home). Suddenly, Giamatti’s household and 2nd job (HS wrestling coach) change dramatically and for the good.

Some adult themes, but mostly warm laughs and warm feelings.


This movie it is this years “Juno & Slum Dog Millionaire” where there is a fantastic word of mouth on this film and theatres are packing them in. Will be at the big theatres soon for sure.

Go Tonight!

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