david_prown_120This time I’m year I’m absolutely crazy with High School play off basketball (mostly girls) and eats into all my normal movie time.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a small window of time between work and a basketball game to fit in a flick. Only the “Adjustment Bureau” fit the bill which had been advertised a good bit.

I did not have high expectations for this film as it sort of look liked a “wanna be” sci-fi/ thriller but wasn’t going to make the grade to me.

Yet, I generally enjoy Matt Damon films so I went to see it.

I was pleasantly surprised that this was much more a romantic film and the chemistry between Damon and co-star Emily Brunt really worked well.


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The story line was interesting and the supposed bad guys really weren’t bad guys at all…just guys doing their jobs.

It was just an interesting story line regarding are lives path (destined or not) and just not that heavy.

I found the whole movie most enjoyable, moved right along and you left with a smile on your face.


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