david_prown_120I’m going to be right up front, for this movie, I didn’t take my traditional pre-movie nap hence I dozed a few times.

Was it the movie or was it me?…I think the latter.

This was a curious movie in that I suspect the reviews will differ greatly if one is male or female.

You have this dominant lead character, played perfectly by Paul Giamatti, who has the following characteristics. Constantly drinking and smoking, owns his own company and seems very financially healthy, goes through 3 marriages, the last being with a very elegant, funny, charming, younger, successful, beautiful woman (the unknown Rosamund Pike). What the heck can she possibly see/like in him (we really never know except she knows he adores her).

He’s frumpy, unhealthy, lives for the moment, unkept, crude, not real nice etc. etc. etc., yet he seems to do a pretty darn good job landing on his feet.


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In addition, he seemingly gets away with accidently killing his best friend.

It was quite enjoyable to watch and clearly Barney would pick his battles. And when he wanted something, he usually got it.

Fearless loyal to family (including Dad played fabulously by Dustin Hoffman) as well as his 3rd wife (not the 1st 2) and his kids (and his life long friends).

He is a clearly a very flawed character that has a sweet quality which endears most folks who can look past all.

Based on a novel, it is definitely worth seeing. Great characters and acting.

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