SHREWSBURY, NJ – The annual 2011 Two River Erg Challenge is open to all and will be held on Sunday,  February 27th at the Shrewsbury Boro School at 20 Obre Place, Shrewsbury from 9am  – 1pm

Sponsored by Navesink Indoor Rowing, founder John Crilly cites “We’re in the third year of this indoor race and going to have more competitors than ever!” 
The Erg Challenge features 10 races (single sex) from 8th grade thru  Masters.


In each race, a row of 15+ rowers will lined up on their own erg  machines (supplied).  The machines will be wired to a laptop which will show thelive race  results on a huge screen projected behind the rowers for all fans to easily  see.  It is quite a sight and very exciting to watch.

Free admission to all fans, $ 20 to race (in advance&  $25 on race day which includes  an event shirt), healthy drinks and snacks available. FREE beginners clinic will be offers followed by a 4 minute fun row
“It’s time for some good to come from the many hours at 6am this winter, spent on this infernal device – the erg.” cites Crilly.  All our welcome.

Erging is an indoor, computerized rowing machine that simulates the action of  rowing on the water.  It is a fabulous, full body workout and keeps rowers in shape during the winter months as well as on inclement weather days.

All erg races will be the standard 2,000 meter piece (2k) and prizes will  be  awarded to the fastest in each race.

More information including registration forms, race times etc can be found at

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