This year Keansburg has instituted a “Uniformity of Dress Code” in grades K-4.  As a parent I was very much against this.  It dictates very specific styles and colors children are permitted to wear.  I was told at a meeting a few months ago by the Superintendent that no punishment will be given to students who don’t comply and that as a parent I will be asked to meet with the Principal to discuss it but they would never punish a child for a parents decision.  Today I received a notice home in my 5 year old and 7 year olds book bags  It stated if we refuse to comply by February 1st, after the 4th transgression and meeting with the principal if I still do not comply my 5 & 7 year olds will receive the following punishments:

1.    “Loss of recess or related activity”

2.    “Inability to participate in large group activities/field trips as uniforms are a quick identification as a safety concen.”  I spoke with the Principal, this includes assemblies, etc.

3.    “Removal from the general setting and receive instruction in an alternate setting within the school.”

They are talking about segregating my child for wearing something that is different.  My problem with the Code was based on the fact that I spend a lot of time teaching my kids not to judge people by how they look but by how they treat you and act.  To me the school is undermining the morals I am teaching my children by telling them if we all don’t look alike then we aren’t accepted and I feel that this rule is not in the best interest of my children.  Apparently now we aren’t allowed to sit with the kids whom we look different from either anymore.  What is this teaching our children?  I am also wondering where a district who just cut busing our Elementary students because of budget cuts is going to find the money to provide uniforms for the parents who cannot afford it, which they must do by law.  I also wonder where they are going to get the money for the special teachers and classes for the kids who don’t comply.



Ellen Chalmers
Keansburg, NJ

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