david_prown_120I was anxious on seeing Rabbit Hole due to intense theme (a couple dealing with life after the death of their child).

Yet knowing that it would be a box office bomb (due to the theme) while getting several Oscar nominations, I wanted to see it on the big screen.

Clearly, ones feelings on this film are dramatically affected by ones life experience with the death of a child in ones life. I have not experienced this at all in my family, friends, workers etc., so, no doubt, I view this film and theme in a much different way.

I thought the film was magnificent. The acting, the scripts, the characters, the ebb and flow was extremely well done.

Watching and feeling the stress, anguish, emotions back and forth were handled most eloquently and you really liked all of the characters at most points (and some points not at all).

I loved the processing of the emotions. Everybody deals on a different time line…that’s life. Yet you can see when folks are at different stages on the healing train, conflicts arrive. I also really liked the “very painful” understanding and space that those impacted gave each other.

The interpersonal relationships were so well done (husband/wife), wife/sister, wife/mom, wife/driver of vehicle, husband/friend, husband/fellow grieving parent etc.

91 minutes long, just perfect.

If you love film, especially difficult subjects (think “Precious”) see this film.

Also, especially since the audiences will be so small. You can’t help getting the feeling when you go to the show and look at other audience members and wondering if they personally were impacted by such a horrible tragedy.

I can’t remember having this feeling at a movie for a long time.

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