david_prown_120This was truly a homegrown, independent film and probably the production teams (and actors) 1st big screen effort. But clearly all these young folk have been pursuing their dreams.

Fun to see it set in downtown Red Bank where the streets and parks never looked so clean. (Hope movie watchers won’t see the # of “for rent” signs in the back of several scenes).

Problem with this film is by showcasing this film in the very nice, stadium seating Monmouth Mall on the big screen one automatically has “big screen” expectations.

If this was a shown in a firehouse or a church common area, the movie would have played better to me.

Lots of sweat equity and gumption into putting this altogether (not easy) and it appears that they are all still great friends. They are following their dreams and only wish them the best of luck.

They have submitted the film to a number of festivals for showcasing (that is the magic that will take this movie to the next level and gain distribution attraction.

It was great fun to meet some of the actors plus director Mike Altino.

The main characters name (though not shown on screen) is Dr. James Parker (a pretty iconic name to us fossils here in Red Bank).

A totally clean movie …maybe even PG-13. No sex, very minimal violence and not scary.

More info. visit www.parkerandthebox.com www.facebook.com/parkerandthebox

Great effort, tons of work, not easy, best wishes.

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