I am angry, very angry.On Saturday evening I was in my way to the Foodtown here in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, when I heard two men laughing and joking about the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords earlier in the day during a meeting in Tucson Arizona. One the these men uttered that he had hoped that the assailant of Congresswoman Giffords was “a good conservative” as the other man was entering a car displaying a bumper sticker of a recently defeated local tea party endorsed Republican candidate for Congress.

As I heard their very insensitive and despicable comment, I turned to approach the two to let them know just how inhumane they were. I stopped before I got to them because they were not even worth making a comment to. So as angry as I still am, I decided to write this letter.

I am angry because for the life of me I cannot understand why two people could take such great joy in some crazed maniac shooting a member of the United States Congress, kill a federal judge, kill four other citizens who were attending the congresswoman’s meeting (including a nine-year old child) at a shopping mall and wounding several other people. This is an outrage. America should be outraged!

But, what can we expect when there are those tea party and right-winged extremists running around spewing hate. The leader of this group is now doubt the infamous Sarah Palin who earlier this year urged her supporters to “step back and reload” after one of her supporters lost a Republican Primary. Palin also placed a “bullseye” on the campaign re-election website of Gabby Giffords. Palin has gone too far in her explosive rhetoric. In Nevada, the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate candidate and tea party darling Sharron Angle told her tea bag supporters that there was nothing wrong  using the Second Amendment to the Constitution whenever they needed two. What kind of a woman would say something like this? People like this are unfit for public office.

Jesse Kelly was Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s tea party endorsed Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona’s Eighth Congressional in the 2010 election cycle. At one of his campaign events he invited his supporters to join him in shooting M16’s. What kind of an insane person would do this?

During this last campaign I witnessed first hand just how vicious these tea party people can be. Atlantic Highlands seemed to be a haven for these twisted minds because they were on the payroll of Anna Little, the tea party Republican endorsed candidate running against Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. Little’s campaign office was in Atlantic  Highlands.

One evening when I was out placing approved sign locations for Congressman Pallone I came under attack by two of these thugs who were on the Little payroll. I was thankful because a passerby and a police officer witness the confrontation. When questioned one of the attackers told the police officer that he did want to want to see Pallone’s name anywhere in Atlantic Highlands and the other thug shouted that they “will do what they want.” I a Democrat and I received an apology from the Monmouth County and the New Jersey Republican parties for this attack. However, no apology ever came from the Little campaign. So one can assume how they stand on such an incident.

“Do what they want.” I surely hope that this is not what American politics has come to.in our beloved United States of America. America is all about freedom, advancement, the right to persue happiness and helping our fellow Americans. It is not about shooting those elected officials who are out there helping those that they represent. The only good that I can see coming from this most unfortunate tragedy is the demise of the tea party movement, It couldn’t come soon enough!




Joseph Hawley

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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