anne_mikolay_120In the aftermath of the recent blizzard that paralyzed New Jersey, Governor Christie has been criticized for hanging out with Mickey Mouse in Disney World while the “regular” people of his state waited in vain for snow plows to restore mobility to New Jersey.

Governor Christie, in his own defense, stated he did not cancel his Christmas gift vacation because he did not want to disappoint his family. In constant touch with his staff during the storm, Governor Christie says he did his job from afar. Democratic chairman, Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), however, claims the Governor accepted no responsibility for what took place during his absence.

“The governor must still be in Fantasyland, where he thinks Tinker Bell can wave her magic wand and have everyone forget he went on vacation instead of staying to do his job during an emergency,” Wisniewski said.

Come on! Really?

The same people who thought President Obama was some kind of long-awaited magician are now slinging arrows at the Governor. The Governor, first and foremost, is a husband and a father; he is not a magician. His decision to put his family first is commendable. What would he have done differently if he had canceled his Florida plans? Had he stayed home, he would have been in constant touch with his staff via cell phone and computer…which he did while in Florida. Geographical boundaries do not exist in cyber-space. Are there disasters and critical situations that would justify canceling a vacation? Of course, but the blizzard of 2010 isn’t one of them.

Was I pleased with New Jersey’s response to the storm? Hardly. My street didn’t see a plow for five days, but my situation can’t compare in severity to the poor folks stranded in their cars on impassable highways, yet I fail to see how Governor Christie’s presence in the state would have made any difference at all. He can’t be faulted. He did nothing wrong.

“If you live in the Northeast this is going to happen sometimes,” Governor Christie said. “We just have to be the tough New Jerseyans that we are and grit our teeth and get through it.”

Indeed. Suck it up, New Jerseyans, and plow forward. The Governor can’t please all the people all the time.



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Anne Mikolay

Anne Mikolay

Anne M. Mikolay joined The Atlantic Highlands Herald as a columnist in 2008. Prior to penning “The Armchair Critic,” Anne wrote feature articles for The Monmouth Journal. Her work has appeared in national...