“We did not have any significant loss of life,” Gov. Chris Christie reassured the living, calling the botched snow cleanup after New Jersey’s December blizzard an “extraordinary accomplishment.”

Hopefully, His Majesty, Christopher the Pugnacious, will favor us by defining “significant loss of life.” If someone in his family died because of the foul up by his Department of Transportation or the Garden State Parkway Authority, would he dismiss the death as “insignificant”? Hardly, so moving beyond the personal, just how many deaths constitute “significant” to His Majesty?

People did die in New Jersey, news reports say, although I don’t have the tally or reasons why. And many, many elderly and not-so-elderly people were trapped in their homes and apartments not for hours but for days. Yes, His Majesty is quite correct, that is an “extraordinary accomplishment.”

Mission accomplished, sire. Take a bow, stage left, stage right, stage center. Oh, I forgot. You weren’t in New Jersey. Sorry. Sit down.

The governor’s high opinion of himself – and by extension his staff — apparently doesn’t include the state’s citizenry. Marie Antoinette purportedly urged that starving peasants, lacking bread, should switch to cake. Christie’s benign view? “Let them eat snowballs.”


George Moffatt

Oceanport NJ

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