david_prown_120Now maybe I’ve seen the critics choice for Movie of the Year.

Talk about a movie totally out of left field where the audience is rooting for a guy to make a smooth flowing speech just like we rooted for Secretariat, the Miracle on Ice hockey team, Rudy or Dennis Christopher in Breaking away.

Colin Firth is great at King George VI as is Helena Bonham Carter (either could get serious actor nominations especially the latter), but Geoffrey Rush absolutely steals this film.

Playing the speech defect specialist, he’s incredible quick of wit and his totally unorthodox methods are simply fun to watch. And what a great father and husband as well as a friend to the king. He wears so many hats, loves life and we just have to root for him as well.

Also the camera also “always” zooms extra close on his face that is made for film. Large head, larger nose, twinkly eyes, plenty of wrinkles all put together make you just like him. He’s definitely not handsome, yet extremely likable.

This was a great, great movie that I think will win lots of awards because nobody would expect such a bland story line to capture our attention and root, root, root.

Good stuff

So far my 5 for best movie are “The Kings Speech”, “The Fighter”, “For Color Girls”, “All Good Things” and then it is a toss up between “the town”, “127 Hours”, “Kids are Alright” or “Social Network”

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