Dear Friend and Fellow Reformer,

On Thanksgiving, I sat at the dinner table with my immediate family and stared at all the trimmings: mashed sweet potatoes, biscuits, cranberry sauce, and of course turkey. My family has never been one to begin our meal with a conversation on what or who we have been thankful for in the past year; we tended to care more about that day’s football results. As Thanksgiving ended and the Holiday Season began, I was still curious on who or what I had been thankful for in the past year. It was only this past weekend when I truly realized who I was the most thankful for. As the final weekend of Christmas sales commenced I came to understand that you, the volunteers, that have helped reorganize the Reform Party at the local, state, and national level are who I am truly thankful for.  As we are only a few weeks away from turning the page on 2010, I would like to share with you some of the successes that we have accomplished together in only the past 12 months.

We organized a book signing by author, activist, and radio talk show host Pat Benjamin in Aberdeen.

We were able to create hundreds of campaign materials and business cards that have been distributed throughout the state.

We have attended events in Bergen, Monmouth, Hudson, and Warren Counties. We plan on attending triple the amount of events as we did last summer!

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We have re-established our name within the local media. In the past year, the Reform Party of New Jersey has been covered by local and national blogs and periodicals.

We held our first state Convention in nearly a decade. At this Convention we endorsed our first candidate Mark Quick from the 5th Congressional District. We also established our party’s leadership and by-laws during that meeting.

Lastly, we have worked together to promote the Reform Party to other individuals who are tired of the two party system and its failures that it has brought our municipalities, state, and nation.

Remember, this Holiday Season why we are all volunteering to bring a new voice into New Jersey politics. We are doing this for our families, friends, and future families. I look forward to bringing this dream to a reality with all of you in the next 12 months and beyond!


Jacob Zychick
Chairman, Reform Party of New Jersey

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