Dear Editor,

The crippling level of high taxes in New Jersey can easily be linked to the unbelievably high cost of our corrupt public school system, exacerbated by Abbott Districts as well as higher education institutions such as community colleges and universities receiving taxpayer money.

One question that no one has dared to ask is, why should the taxpayers be forced to foot the bill for someone else’s decision to have a child?

If someone has a child, the education of that child is solely their responsibility – not the responsibility of society. Numerous birth control methods are widely available to anyone who does not wish to undertake that responsibility.

The end result of abolishing public education would be that a highly-competitive, affordable network of private schools would appear almost overnight and offer parents the best education option for their children at a cost substantially lower than government- run education, with the freedom to choose a school best suited for their child’s individual needs and talents, as opposed an arbitrary assignment based on the town they reside in. Truly competent teachers would be hired by these new private schools and the incompetent would be fired, without the state Teacher’s Mafia – known as NJEA rushing in to stop it.

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While some parents may fail to provide any sort of education (whether it be through a private school, homeschooling or a skilled trade apprenticeship) their children would still have a viable place in our society. The so called, “need” for unskilled labor currently provided by illegal aliens would easily be provided through these uneducated Americans, a sustainable domestic labor pool that would earn a living wage due to the basic rules of supply and demand.

The reason public education is failing is because it is a socialist system. A free market capitalist education system is the solution.

Eric Hafner

Red Bank

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