As a Union Beach resident, who lives within the 2000 foot setback, no one is more energy conscious then I am, for two reasons, 1.  It’s good for the earth and 2.  As a retired senior on a very limited income who is extremely careful with all my energy sources in my home; so I am not opposed to wind energy, but the 2000 foot set-back must be considered.

At our Planning Board Meeting this past week, the BRSA lawyer stated that their purpose is to do good for the community?  Good for whom and how is it good for Union Beach?  Not once have they taken into consideration or expressed any type of understanding about our concerns, our health, property values,  even our fears, not once.  I think very narcissistic or selfish!  They want what they want, at any cost and we as a community have not been given any thought to their grandiose plan, as long as it serves them..

The majority of people care and want to save energy and not be wasteful, but this turbine DOES NOT BELONG IN OUR BACKYARD.

Please try to put yourselves in our position as if this were being proposed for your neighborhood.  Read about the pros and cons and then make an informed decision.  This is our lives and neighborhood.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

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Katherine Reilly

Union Beach, NJ

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