I was furious at Back to School night this year because of the new report cards/grading system in Middletown Elementary Schools.

As for why we were unaware of the new report cards before this September, it is clear to me that when the Board of Education or the Superintendent does NOT want the parents to know something it is the BEST kept secret in town. They are amazing at being able to create this mask of communication by creating a small committee of educators and parents, and then based on their ability to coerce this committee to blindly follow, the Board of Education implements the new report cards. Then the BOE and Superintendent tout how this wonderful committee agreed to this new system with parental approval.

But yet when the Board of Education DOES want the parents to know about something….like voting YES to the school budget….we get phone calls, signs, flyers, newsletters, PTA bulletins, sign boards out in front of every school….they practically fly airplanes with banners around.

I am angry because I have raised my daughter to have goals in life. She has strived for straight A’s on her report card. How is she supposed to understand if she is excelling….if we should all just celebrate the 2’s and 3’s on a 2 page report card… The “Celebrate the Learning Zone” line they fed us the other night made me ill.

This just makes all the children at standard and not excelling or not failing…everyone is the same.


Heidi Brunt
Middletown, NJ

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