I would like to offer some facts concerning the candidates for the United States House of Representatives in New Jersey’s Sixth Congressional  District.  There is a clear contrast between current Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. and his tea party Republican challenger, Anna Little

FACT:  Congressman  Pallone is one of the most effective members in the New Jersey Congressional Delegation. He has worked very hard to keep our Shore clean from the greedy corporations who once used our ocean as their personal dumping ground. Because of this diligent persistence, Frank Pallone has saved our tourism industry from total devastation.

FACT: The citizens of Atlantic Highlands will be ever grateful to Frank Pallone for securing 12 million dollars in federal funding to rebuild the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor after the December, 1992 Storm.

He also got funding to save the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society’s Strauss House Museum and he is presently working with Mayor Fred Rast to obtain funding for a ferry terminal at the harbor.

FACT: Pallone has worked to keep the oil companies from drilling off of our coast and he has fought to make the right of health care a reality and affordable to all Americans.

FACT; Pallone’s opponent this year, tea party Republican Anna Little is too extreme in her views to represent the citizens of our district.

Little claims that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional.

She wants to stop the government from giving benefits to the unemployed, she supports abolishing the United States Department of Education and she wants to implement a national 23% sales tax that would hurt our hardworking middle class families and senior citizens  Further, Little opposes the regulation of business “in any way.”  In Little’s world major food producing companies could send rancid food that would make the consumer seriously ill and that company would not be held accountable for their actions. She would also abolish the minimum wage.

She is out of touch.

FACT; The tea party is in no way a spontaneous grassroots movement. The tea party was born and bank rolled by the billionaire Koch brothers, oil men from Texas. Their sole purpose is to get the Congress of the United States to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to those two percent of wealthy Americans who do not pay their fare share of income taxes now. This is outrageous!

FACT; Both the Asbury Park Press and the Star Ledger have endorsed Frank Pallone for re-election. The Star Ledger even went as far to state that “Little’s views are extreme, incoherent, or both.”

Frank Pallone has always stood up for the working class families and the senior citizens of his district. He has also fought to keep the Jersey Shore pristine and free of the corporate polluters. On Tuesday, November 2nd, Frank Pallone deserves to be re-elected. Please support him!


Sincerely yours,

Joseph Hawley
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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